I’m at work. I love my job, but lately I’ve been wondering how possible it is for my eyes to roll completely out of my head? I’m so damn irritable. Everytime someone laughs, coughs, walks across the office, I want to scream. Oh, and god forbid anyone speak to me.

I’m angry often. And I go back and forth wondering if that is a good or bad way to feel. I have a right to be angry, about a lot of things. But that doesn’t make it feel okay. Sometimes I wonder if my feelings are valid. In the sense that there terrible and unfortunate events going on out there in the world and in comparison I’m totally fine — I am alive, I have a loving family, and a good job. But I know that’s not a healthy way to think. I am understanding and empathetic to others, and I need to do the same for myself. Right? I guess I just struggle with talking about my issues because I don’t want to come off as ungrateful for what I do have.

I’m very grateful. Things just feel really shitty right now.


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